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Upcoming Events
April 15-16, 2010
5th Annual Northeast Astro Imaging Conference Experience astro-imaging at it's best.

April 17-18, 2010
19th Annual Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show America's premier astronomy expo.

August 06-15, 2010
Summer Star Party 2010 at Shady Pines Campground in Savoy, MA

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Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy
Presented by Professor Alex Filippenko
University of California at Berkeley

This is a college-level course consisting of 40 lectures on VHS videotapes that is available to members of the Rockland Astronomy Club. Please refer to guidelines at bottom of this page for the procedure you must follow to borrow these videotapes.

PART IUnlocking the Secrets to the HeavensPART IIUnlocking the Secrets to the Heavens (continued)
Lecture 1A Grand Tour of the CosmosLecture 9The Early History of Astronomy
Lecture 2Journey Through Space and TimeLecture 10The Copernican Revolution
Lecture 3Light The Supreme InformantLecture 11On the Shoulders of Giants
Lecture 4The Fingerprints of AtomsLecture 12One Small Step The Earth and Moon
Lecture 5Tools of the TradeLecture 13Paradise Lost Venus and Mars
Lecture 6Space Telescopes and the Celestial SpheresLecture 14Planetary Behemoths Jupiter and Saturn
Lecture 7Our Sun The Nearest StarLecture 15Distant Worlds and Solar-System Debris
Lecture 8Lunar Phases and Glorious EclipsesLecture 16Comets and Catastrophic Collisions
PART IIIThe Stars and Their LivesPART IVA Universe of Galaxies
Lecture 17Distant SunsLecture 25Starting at Home The Milky Way
Lecture 18Social Stars Binaries and ClustersLecture 26One Giant Leap Other Galaxies
Lecture 19Nature's Nuclear ReactorsLecture 27The Dark Side of Matter
Lecture 20The Fate of Our SunLecture 28The Birth and Life of Galaxies
Lecture 21Exploding Stars Celestial Fireworks!Lecture 29Quasars Cosmic Powerhouses
Lecture 22The Corpses of Massive StarsLecture 30In the Belly of the Beast
Lecture 23Hearts of DarknessLecture 31Are We Alone? The Search Begins
Lecture 24The Quest for Black HolesLecture 32Communicating with Extraterrestrials
PART VThe Birth and Life of the Universe  
Lecture 33The Expansion of the UniverseLecture 37Echoes of the Big Bang
Lecture 34The Age of the UniverseLecture 38In the Beginning
Lecture 35The Geometry and Fate of the UniverseLecture 39The Ultimate Free Lunch?
Lecture 36Einstein's Biggest Blunder?Lecture 40A Universe of Universes

Tapes must be picked up at and returned to Don Urban at his home in Closter, NJ. Contact Don at least 48 hours prior to the date you want to pick up the tapes to ensure they are available. One part consisting of 3 tapes may be borrowed for up to 10 days.